A dental emergency can occur at any moment, we are here for you during your time of need. Our approach is based on applying the highest standards and ethics, in addition to using the latest technology. We strive towards continually advancing our quality while staying in-line with the vision, mission and values of the hospital. We encourage everyone to pay close attention to oral and dental hygiene on a daily basis. An unhealthy mouth causes an unhealthy body. A healthy mouth can aid in the prevention of many diseases such as: cardiovascular disease, diabetes and many others. We are here to serve you, under the supervision of specialized medical and technical staff of utmost skills and experience. We strive to provide optimal health care to patients while eliminating pain. We cooperate with a number of different departments within the hospital, such as the emergency department, the general surgery department and the radiology department. Every member of our team is full of enthusiasm and motivation to offer you peace, tranquility, ease and healing.