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Houston Foresight’s Spring Gathering

Sex, Intimacy and Society Class

I led a class at the design futures exhibition. In Houston, my group created the Future of Sex and Intimacy where we imagined sex ed in 2052. Our goal was to imagine a world w/o shame that would help an audience of seasoned futurists create change by overcoming shame in their own work and personal lives.

About Me
About Me
Association of Professional Futurists

World Collapse

This is my group project that was nominated (and may still win!) for a student award for the Association of Professional Futurists. The program is named as the APF Student Recognition Program, which developed a competition to recognize outstanding work by students in futures studies.

LEAP Emerge 2020 Alumni

LEAP Emerge Project 2020

This was a community impact project I did back in 2020 to help create a framework for understanding how leadership development creates impact. This project aids others in measuring and advocating for leadership development in organizations.

The 2020 LEAP Emerge Interns and I conducted a virtual oral history project to highlight the key benefits and outcomes of the LEAP Impact Program: for Nonprofit Staff, formally known as the Emerging Leaders Program (ELP). Interns reported that after the completion of the program, alumni were able to combat issues within their own communities, tackle racial tensions, and address gender and intersectionality within their communities.

About Me